Friday, December 2, 2016

Three Little Pigs

Age: 4 & half

After reading the story of three little pigs, Snidha was very happy especially with the pictures. Then after thinking for some time:

Snidha:  Papa, when the pig was getting down from tree, why the wolf did not see him and catch him??   (in hindi)

Me:  Wolf was very far

Snidha:  Oh, Pig threw the apple very far? (in hindi)

Me:  yes  (thinking that she has indeed caught the loophole)

Snidha: Papa, how did piggy come down from tree if he did not know how to come down (in hindi)

Me:  Beta, he came down very slowly

Next day she happened to see the last picture of story again.

Snidha:  Papa, how did piggy place the boiling water on fire. pigs dont have hands

Me (stumped):  beta, cartoon pigs do have hands. Their front legs serve as hands

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