Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thirsty Crow

17-Jan-2016  Sunday

We were in a shopping mall where Pallavi was trying out clothes. I used the opportunity to get Snidha to practice her 'Thirsty Crow' for Talent Hunt in School, the next day. She knew most of it but would forget the line#3 'he looked for the water, but couldnt find it'.  So here it goes:

Me: Snidha, lets try the 'thirsty crow' story. tell it to me once more. I am your madam & you are Snidha
Snidha: ok
Me: Snidha, come here.. what will you do today
Snidha: M'aam, I will tell a story
Me: Ok, which story
Snidha: Thirsty Crow
Me: Ok, tell
Snidha: Once there was a crow, he was very thirsty
* then she forgets next line *
*after one/two seconds, she invents her escape route!*
Snidha: (with hand positioned as phone) hello
Me: Snidha what happened..
Snidha: Papa, wait Ojas & Radhika are calling me phone
Me: no, they are not. you have forgotten the third line.. haven't you
Snidha: No papa, they have no other work. they keep on calling me.. what can i do.

I am astonished beyond belief.

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