Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Snidha Plays with her friend

Age:  5 and half

Snidha was fighting with her friend. After her friend left:

Me:  Snidha, you should not fight with her. She has come to your house, so you should give her special treatment

Snidha:  Papa, she was not listening to me..  main us se badi hoon na..

Me:  Beta, you are only few months older.. you are almost same age.. few months ka difference same hi hota hai..

Snidha:  Par woh aise kar rahi thi..

Me:  Ok, now eat your dinner.. you should eat by yourself. You are now 5 years

Snidha:  Piyu also does not eat herself..

Me:  Bete.. aap bade bhi ho na thode se.. after 5 you should be eating by yourself

Snidha:  Achha.. esme aap kehte ho ke main badi hoon.. aur pehle keh rahe the ke same hi hota hai..

Me:  stumped

She still bosses around her friend saying she is elder :)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Snidha visits D-mart

Age:  4 years 6 months

Snidha visits D-mart with her Papa, Dadu & Dadi.  She was not willing to eat her breakfast despite all efforts of Papa & Dadi.

After we reach D-Mart. I am buying her the things which were promised previously:  nutella spread,  kinder joy etc etc..  Meanwhile I started feeding her parantha in parallel

Me:   Snidha, appki to thodi thodi aish si ho rahi hai

Snidha (smiling):  Papa, appki bhi to aish ho rahi hai

Me (surprised):  Meri aish kaise ho rahi hai

Snidha:  Dekho main paranthi kha rahi hoon naa! :-)


Friday, December 2, 2016

Three Little Pigs

Age: 4 & half

After reading the story of three little pigs, Snidha was very happy especially with the pictures. Then after thinking for some time:

Snidha:  Papa, when the pig was getting down from tree, why the wolf did not see him and catch him??   (in hindi)

Me:  Wolf was very far

Snidha:  Oh, Pig threw the apple very far? (in hindi)

Me:  yes  (thinking that she has indeed caught the loophole)

Snidha: Papa, how did piggy come down from tree if he did not know how to come down (in hindi)

Me:  Beta, he came down very slowly

Next day she happened to see the last picture of story again.

Snidha:  Papa, how did piggy place the boiling water on fire. pigs dont have hands

Me (stumped):  beta, cartoon pigs do have hands. Their front legs serve as hands

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thirsty Crow

17-Jan-2016  Sunday

We were in a shopping mall where Pallavi was trying out clothes. I used the opportunity to get Snidha to practice her 'Thirsty Crow' for Talent Hunt in School, the next day. She knew most of it but would forget the line#3 'he looked for the water, but couldnt find it'.  So here it goes:

Me: Snidha, lets try the 'thirsty crow' story. tell it to me once more. I am your madam & you are Snidha
Snidha: ok
Me: Snidha, come here.. what will you do today
Snidha: M'aam, I will tell a story
Me: Ok, which story
Snidha: Thirsty Crow
Me: Ok, tell
Snidha: Once there was a crow, he was very thirsty
* then she forgets next line *
*after one/two seconds, she invents her escape route!*
Snidha: (with hand positioned as phone) hello
Me: Snidha what happened..
Snidha: Papa, wait Ojas & Radhika are calling me phone
Me: no, they are not. you have forgotten the third line.. haven't you
Snidha: No papa, they have no other work. they keep on calling me.. what can i do.

I am astonished beyond belief.



Our Maid had taken a unplanned leave and I took Snidha down in search of a temporary Maid to do the chores. On-the-way Snidha asked me why & where are we going. We didnt find anyone & while coming back:

Snidha : Papa aunty nahi mili?
Me: No
Snidha:  Papa mere paas na ek idea hai
Me: bolo
Snidha: dekho, main na jhaado laga doongi.. main to kitna achha jhaado lagati hoon, kitna gand nikalti hoon, aap pocha laga dena, daadi sheesha saaf kar dengi, Mama kapde dho dengi and daadu... daadu bartan saaf kar denge
Me: Speechless

bored in post office


Snidha with her mother & grandparents at the post office for some work. I was at her school attending PTM otherwise we would miss the slot. Pallavi was feeding her Roti and she was getting a little bored. After a while, she got fed up:

Snidha to her mother:  wo kahan hai jise main papa papa kehti hoon.. jise aap kehte ho 'yeh karo' 'wo karo'  :-)